Our newly refurbished restaurant serves buffet breakfast, we also offer a three course meal for lunch and dinner. All dishes are prepared according to the traditional recipes of the Gorski kotar and Kvarner region. For our guests we also offer a la cart menue.

We organize celebrations, birthdays, weddings, smaller seminars and other events for up to 80 people, on request.

Our restaurant is open from 8am to 10pm.




Cold dishes 

Smoked ham - prosciutto 0,10 kg  40,00 kn

Sheep cheese 0,10 kg  40,00 kn

Wild game salami 0,10 kg  45,00 kn

Mixed cold plate for two  0,20 kg  80,00 kn



Beef soup with homemade noodle 15,00 kn

Porcini mushroom soup  18,00 kn


Warm starters

Homemade gnocchi 4 cheese  40,00 kn

Main dishes

Pašta i fažol - beans soup with noodle (sausage + 8,00 kn) 28,00 kn 

Jota - Beans and cabbage soup (sausage + 8,00 kn) 28,00 kn

Roast veal + side dish  65,00 kn

Pork knuckle + side dish  80,00 kn

Goulash with gnocchi  56,00 kn

Viennese schnitzel + side dish  48,00 kn

Pork medallions with porcini mashroom sauce + side dish 65,00 kn

Grilled chicken fillet + side dish  46,00 kn

Pljeskavica - minced meat burger with cheese + side dish  50,00 kn

Čevapčići + side dish  45,00 kn

Homemade sausages + side dish  43,00 kn

Vegetarian plate + polenta - cornmeal mush + cheese  43,00 kn



Kajmak chees  12,00 kn

Chips  16,00 kn

Potatoes with peel  18,00 kn

Sour cabbage  16,00 kn

Polenta - cornmeal mush  16,00 kn

Homemade croquettes 17,00 kn



Mixed salad  15,00 kn

Big salad bowl  30,00 kn

Bread (basket)  5,00 kn

Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard 3,00 kn



Strudel with fresh cheese / apple  16,00 kn

Chocolate / Marmalade Pancakes  16,00 kn

Pancakes with walnuts  19,00 kn

Ice cream roll with hot forest fruits souce  18,00 kn